Hydroponics Supplies!

Below is a list of the Hydroponics supplies we ship.
We are working on an E-Commerce site but in the mean time:

To place an order, please email Orders@GardenCruisers.com

No Extras Grow Set:

6 Net Pots
1 Bag of Clay Pebbels

1 =$20
2 = $38

+ Shipping

Nutrient Concentrate

2.2lb Bag of MaxiGro


+ Shipping

Ultimate Passive Hydroponics Grow Kit

12 Net Pots
2 Bags of Clay Pebbles
12 Plastic Trellises
12 Neoprene or Polyester Covers
1 Bag of MaxiGro 2.2lb
2 Bonus Gallons Worth of MaxiGro
12 Plant Labels


+ Shipping